Best Value Recurve 2022: Samick Sage Takedown

For those either getting into recurve hunting bows or archery in general, you really cannot go wrong with the tremendous bang for your buck you get with the Samick Sage Takedown. In fact, regardless whether you are an entry-level or intermediate shooter, this bow delivers outstanding performance and quality – which is precisely why it is our pick for best recurve bow of 2022.

But don’t take our word for it! See for yourself whether the following characteristics and features make it a best buy for you.

Easy Swapping of Limbs

In case you don’t know, pulling a bow string back on even a “light” recurve bow can be challenging. Indeed, unlike compound bows, there is no “let-off” or relaxation of the pull weight toward the end of the draw – the tension simply rises in a linear fashion. In addition, if you haven’t drawn a bow before, the back muscles involved with the motion won’t be used to the strain. Hence, most reputable sources generally suggest newcomers to start with a 35-pound draw weight and work up gradually.

Of course, this is very easy to do with the Sage Takedown, and you need no tools whatsoever to change out the limbs. Further, you have a wide variety of draw weights to choose from, ranging from 25-60 pounds. As such, this bow can “grow” with you, and be a very powerful hunting weapon that is as capable of taking down large game as any other more “elite” recurve.

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High Quality Construction

One of the first things you’ll notice upon handling this bow is that it’s just darn well-made. No flimsy parts or loose-fitting construction here. On the contrary, the Samick Takedown looks and feels as good as recurves costing hundreds more. This bow is composed of maple wood and black fiberglass and comes with a front stabilizer and pre-installed brass bushings for extra versatility (this allows you to use various add-ons, like sights or a bow fishing attachment). The tapered knob and metal pocket for the limbs is also extremely sturdy and very easy to use. This model comes with a B-50 bowstring and an arrow rest, which is good enough for most users but can be easily upgraded to a faster string (thanks to bow-tip reinforcements) or used with other rests to suit your tastes as needed.

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Outstanding Durability

Owing to its first rate build, most users should be able to enjoy the Sage Takedown for years of relatively care-free use. In fact, there are many user reviews (see below) that confirm that this recurve performs season after season with no noticeable deterioration in performance. This is a rare thing in the archery world, and is even more unheard of when talking about recurve bows under $200. If you want to buy a bow that performs extremely well out of the box and will be around as your skill increases, this is a solid choice.

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Smooth, Accurate Shooting

With an AMO length of 62 inches, this is a very graceful bow that accommodates most users and draw lengths. In addition, it possesses great stability that is perfect for shooting with sights or without. Many users report being able to achieve good groups at 15 yards with pure “instinctual” shooting. In either case, the feel and performance of this bow is at a level far above its price point.

Fantastic User Ratings

With an average user rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars, this is one of the most highly-rated recurve bows on the market today, regardless of price. Don’t believe us? Here are the actual reviews from

Unbeatable Price and Value

Currently selling for roughly $150, this is easily the best value recurve bow on the market in our view. To put the value of this bow in perspective, we would still consider it a bargain at more than $200!

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Anything Not To Like?

The Samick Sage offers unparalleled value and performance in its class.

Life is full of necessary sacrifices, but the good news is that there are few with the Samick. The bow is a bit noisy out of the box, but can be quieted down to whisper smooth shooting with a simple string silencer. Also, the included bowstring is pretty basic (but workable), but you will need a bow stringer to string it properly. Finally, for some extra comfort, consider an inexpensive arm guard, shooting glove, and an upgraded Bear Arrow rest (all optional).

Concluding Thoughts: Samick Sage Takedown

While it’s not the most flashy or highly-promoted recurve bow out there, if you ask professionals and archery instructors, the Sage Takedown is an easy choice for anyone looking to maximize quality and performance for their dollar. And this is not merely a bow for novices either. With lots of room to increase limb stiffness and a very solid build, this is a very effective hunting bow that can get you enjoying the sport with money left in your pocket to buy optional accessories (if desired) and arrows. In short, this is a serious weapon that is available for a veritable steal – which is exactly why we’ve chosen it as our best value pick for 2022!